How to Keep Your Computer Safe

In order to avoid costly service repairs and possible loss of data, there are several steps you can take to ensure your computer is protected from viruses and other harmful files, as well as power surges, accidental spills or hardware failures.

1.     Anti-Virus Software – The first thing Zino Technical Services installs on newly built computers is a trusted anti-virus software.  Downloading files from the internet & opening email attachments may seem like harmless activities, but you can never be sure.  Infected files can come from “trusted” sources disguised as harmless files.  An anti-virus may not be able to stop all the infected files, but chances of detecting them are far greater with it.  The price of having a quality anti-virus program is worth more than losing your precious documents & pictures.   

2.    Backing up your Data – Using computers to store all photos, music libraries, important documents, accounting data has become standard for most people.  Having a backup is the only way to guarantee data will not be lost if something should happen to your hard drive.  There are several ways to back up your data.  You can use a flash drive, an external hard drive or a cloud program.  Zino Technical Services recommends using Carbonite to all of our customers.  3.    Updates – if you are a Windows user, it is important to install Windows Updates.  Microsoft releases security updates monthly.   You can change your setting to automatically download Windows Updates.  .  Many times your computer will need to be restarted after important updates so that the software update can be configured.